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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh/Fence

Decorative Metal Mesh

Titanium wire mesh
Titanium wire mesh,Titanium wire cloth,Titanium wire netting
Material:pure titanium wire and titanium alloy
Wire Diameter.:0.01-3.0mm
Titanium mesh:0.2mesh--250mesh

Nickel wire mesh
Nickel wire mesh,Nickel wire cloth,Nickel wire netting
Material:pure nickel wire
Grade: N4N6N8
Wire diameter:0.01mm-3.0mm
Mesh acount:1mesh-330 mesh
Nickel wire mesh was mainly used for sieving and filtering under the acid,alkali environmental conditions or gas,liquid filter or other medium separation.
The nickel wire cloth was devided into plain weave,twill weave,plain dutch weave,twill dutch woven,reverse weave.

Tungsten wire mesh
Tungsten wire mesh,Tungsten wire cloth,Tungsten wire netting
Material: pure tungsten wire
Mesh Acount:1-300mesh
Weave pattern:plain weave,twill weave

Fe-Cr-Al wire mesh
Product material:iron chromium aluminum wire
Weaving:plain weave/chevron(anti-creep)
Products:high temperature resistant
Application:metallurgical,coal,textile printing and dyeing factory,food factory,hospital, high density board,cardboard factory

battery mesh
Main products:nickel、copper、aluminum and Nickel-plated、stainless steel drawing mesh、aluminum zinc、silver and some other drawing mesh. Specification thickess:0.04-1mm,the smallest hole:1mm*2mm.
The Smallest aperture of the aluminum plate mesh:0.3*0.6mm、0.8*1.6mm、1*2mm、1.5*2.5mm.
Use:it is mainly used in oil, chemical industry battery,(Nickel-cadmium batteries,nickel metal hydride batteries,lithium batteries,lithum-ion battery etc.
Fe-Cr-Al Wire Mesh Nickel Wire Mesh Titanium Wire Mesh Tungsten Wir eMesh

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