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Decorative Metal Mesh

Aluminium Chain Curtain is also named Door Screen Curtain,Chain Screens,Chain Link Curtain
The links are aluminium and are connected to an aluminium top track. The top track can be fitted onto brackets so that the whole curtain can be removed in a matter of seconds.

Chain Curtain
Size: 24mm,17mm,special order is available
Trademark: Gold Silk
Material: 100% anodized aluminium
Surface: Color Is Applied Via Anodizing
Shape: hook link hook
Colour: gunblack, black, white, purple, blue, gold, pink, silver,other
matte:black, brass, silver, gold, pink, gunblack, blue, green, any color are available.
Usage: curtain for door or window ,dinider in office, light covering and so on.

The decoration aluminium chain curtain has its advantage in any place:
1). As the door curtain, the decorative chain curtain can give you the fresh air and make you keep away from the insect.
2). As the window curtain, the aluminium chain curtain you can be reached through with ease and so do not create a barrier to either the light or the flow of air.
3). As the divider in the office, the aluminium chain curtain make the cffice seemed more biger than it is.

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